Third project


Third project. Optical illusion and patterns.
Please your feedback.

Thanks a lot




Beautiful and interesting.


Neat! Love the wave patterns! :grinning:


I especially like the way the pattern and the grain seem to merge in the middle one.


Again, this forum is making my brain itch! These are great!


These would be perfect for my vent covers!


Fantastic. What did you use to make the pattern. If you don’t mind me asking?:grin::+1:


those are very trippy. cool.


Really great!


The last one is my favorite pattern, but the first one is seriously messing with my eyes. Really cool effects!


Thanks. Everything is made with illustrator. Using the path tool. I looked for patterns on the web and got the ideas.

Hope it helps




Oh wow! Very inspirational. Every day something new appears to get the creativity flowing and what you’ve done there is amazing.


Wow really cool!!!


Yowza is my feedback!
Those are wonderful. I don’t know which one I like most.


Great work! What a polished finish too. Really professional.


These are epic. Love the designs.


Ooooo, my eyes hurt! I’d say they pass the test of being an optical illusion! Seriously, very nice job.


Very cool idea … And nicely carried out!