This Glowforge Community


I’m curious about this vibrant Glowforge community. I very much enjoy watching and learning as owners share the trials and thrills of receiving and using their new Glowforge. I hope to join the conversation next month when my Glowforge should arrive.

Is there any way to discover how many Glowforge owners there are? How many owners have received their Glowforges and how many wait in anticipation? How many participate in the forum?

Just curious…


I don’t have any answers to your questions except to say that lots and lots of us on the forum haven’t received our glowforge yet – you don’t have to wait until you get yours to participate! Up until quite recently, no one had their glowforge anyway :slight_smile:


To answer one of your multiple questions look here:


Good stats. Reading down:



Here is a list of “Owners” who at least signed up for forum access.


Dang, 2.3k active users this week.

Hi Everybody! :wave:


Thanks, very interesting!


That’s really interesting.

Do you know if there are other stats we can see from Discourse? Most active users? Most liked posts? Longest Thread? Things of that nature?


Nope. dan can see a lot, he posted stats a few months ago with stuff I hadn’t seen before.

You can sort topics by ‘replies’ to determine longest thread. ‘All Categories’ ‘Latest’ click on ‘replies’.