This is a fun idea



A friend posted this on Facebook today. He regularly posts things for woodworking. I’m getting just the basic, but maybe folks who will be getting the pro would be able to make something this large a lot easier.




I love it! Some time ago I bought a bunch of LEDs and resistors, plus a few teeny tiny switches, and I’ll be looking for projects to use them on.


Cool idea, functional wall art!
Washing the wall with the light has a great effect!


I bet we could make “basic” desk-sized versions… Probably more an accent piece than functional, though.


Love that idea - desktop sized! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


I love that! Now one more thing in the file to make. Maybe down-sized for a desk model. Cool idea. Thanks for posting it. (out of Likes for a while) - Rich


It will be great to use this lamp with this 2d-3d chairs and tables :slight_smile:


What an awesome idea! I love the modern look of the light, and it actually works too. I think I will make one for myself. :grinning:


This really opens up a whole new array of things we could make similar to this. Any kind of design…a dog, an apple, a flower, a freeform design…whatever, could be adapted in this way. Takes up little floorspace, is functional, and beautiful. What more could you want? :heart_eyes:

And some of you mentioned shrinking it down to size for a ‘basic’. Now THAT’s a great idea.


That’s very creative. You would be able to do that on a smaller scale with your GF.


A dog silhouette with his mouth open and light coming out…


That’s so funny @bshindorf, that is EXACTLY what I thought too…kind of like the RCA dog or something.


Question for some of the laser/woodworker types here: how bad is it to have joints in something lasered? Is it just ugly? Also weak? Can you get reasonable flatness across the joint?


That depends on the wood, the type of joint, and the skill of the woodworker. The thicker the pieces being joined are, the stronger the joint can be. Flat plywood like that 2d (sort of) “lamp”, would not be very strong in the bending direction, but could be very strong in the pulling apart direction, and almost invisible. If you mount it on a wall you wouldn’t be worried about bending (except for getting it there). Does that help? - Rich


Yes, that’s very helpful! This is what I was wondering too - why we couldn’t do it with a basic by just staggering the seams, like how my unfun architect sister forced me to play with legos as a kid. It doesn’t have to be sized down if we can just piece it together creatively.

She also wouldn’t let me brush my barbies hair. Sisters are bossy.

How is the light part working? Hidden batteries?


Sure batteries could be hidden anywhere. Could be rechargeable too, or even plug-in like a 3d lamp. - Rich


So I’m thinking about doing a scarf joint that looks something like this (only more subtle, and maybe with curved zigzags) so that I can clamp without things coming apart:

Does that make sense for longer pieces? Or should it interlock in a more obvious way?


That is pretty good. It has some interlock where the teeth are. It might not show too much if you get a tight fit. Something with key and lap (combination joint) would be best, and hardest to do. - rich


You could also hide any joints with an engraved pattern on the parts as well.