This is amazing!


the oldest planetarium in the world, hand built by a Dutch wool carder who had a genius for mathematics and built this by hand in his spare time. Completely accurate to this day. :blush:


Holy crap - where do I sign up for one of those?


Wow! :+1:


I read about the history of this place, and its creator several years ago, (sorry, can’t remember where) but I’d not seen any photos.
These are just amazing, and many thanks for posting them.


I need one of these for sure!


A little big for the pass through slot…gotta be some way to make it work :slight_smile:


What is the name of this place? Where is it?


It’s the Eise Eisinga planetarium in Holland (Fryslan).


Amazing and beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


Wow!! That didnt go where I thought it was but its amazing


Franeker, Friesland


Photo 1: Hmmm… interesting.

Photo 2: Is it a piano? No, it’s not a piano.

Photo 3: Ok, it’s got to be some kind of musical instrument.

Photo 4: Wait, what?

Photo 5: Now you’re just messing with me, what does this have to do with the previous photos?

Photo 6: Wait… OMG. Wow, just… wow.