This. Is. Awesome!


Pointing out they can get a refund doesn’t answer their questions. Surely answering the questions would be the best way to end the complaints?


Definitely. But that’s one of the PITA things about GF - they won’t. Haven’t for years and continue to refuse to. Used to drive me nuts. I think it causes them more problems than it solves but they apparently feel differently. I think the experience with the “personalized shipping information” prediction model is proof of that. Some people found it useful but just as many found it irritating and worse than continued 3 or 6 month slips. I think it’s better to err on the side of transparency but I understand the desire to manage the message.


So I don’t understand why you’re upset with people trash talking or sniping about it?
We’ve all paid for a product and if we’re not going to receive that product GF should just be honest about it and the complaints can stop.
It’s not really the people complaining that you’re unhappy with, it’s still GF, the same as the people doing the complaining?


I’m not upset with them, just find them tedious. And having them rain on someone’s happiness is what I think is inappropriate.

If you go all the way back to the top of the thread I just mentioned that the OP’s post was a nice alternative to the doomsayers. It’s refreshing to read posts from happy users vs the drumbeat of negativity that comes from a handful of forum posters.


Yeah…i kinda feel like my happy post got hijacked. :rofl: That’s ok. I’ll take my inexperienced, naïve, clearly deluded self to Atlas(t) (my 'forge moniker) and keep making the things I bought it for. These things may be lame in comparison to others, but they’re mine and I love 'em so far! Lol.

In retrospect, maybe I should have titled my post “I think This.Is.Awesome” because that denotes more clearly that it is only my opinion. It’s an opinion which stands, by the way. I am happy having clueless fun, thanks very much. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

(And PLEASE, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t take offense to this post. If I’m poking some fun at someone, it’s myself.)


That’s one of the things I tell my students - don’t measure yourselves against others, measure yourself against your happiness with what you create.

Almost every one of them gets this goofy grin when they make their first projects on a laser (or CNC). For a lot of people it’s the first time they’ve been able to create something.

Traditional crafts and artistic pursuits take so long to master that most people can only be good (or great) in one medium. Lasers help level the playing field and shorten the time from idea to reality. What you (& they) are doing is simply amazing to most people who won’t take the time to learn a design program and get access to a laser or other CNC machine.

I was helping a student Saturday make a mini-PC case. He just needed someone nearby to ask questions as he moved from design to production. He had seen a similar one for sale for $300 and decided “I can do that” and he did. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome, and exactly what I mean. To have been able to etch a gift for my friend is priceless…a friend of hers lost her dad, and she wanted his favorite scripture on a gift, so we etched a frame. Or when another friend came over to see the machine and we etched a Prince lyric on a subway tile after a 5 minute design…and immediately you could see the lightbulb go on over her head thinking of the possibilities. She got so excited! Or when my college-aged daughter, who is earning money for her spring break mission trip to Ecuador, designed some wooden bracelet tags to make bracelets as a fundraiser…we just dropped the designs into the program and hit the button.

We have many plans… for inlays and cool commercial work and exotic hardwoods and 3D etchings… but this week, the people I love were happy with some simple stuff. Our company tagline is “Your wish is our design” and this laser is helping us bring smiles (or grateful tears) to some peeps this week. Good times. :+1::+1:

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By the way, @Jules, thanks for all of your posts and mucho work behind the scenes…And also for being hedgehog-ishly happy and upbeat. :heart::heart:


My pleasure! :grinning::hedgehog:
(This was a fun group of nice, smart people to fall into. I’m one very lucky hedgie.)


I still find this amazing.
I think you both make good points but ultimately a LOT of the tedious comments (from both sides) could be resolved with some honest clear communication from the source


Nope…don’t change a thing…it IS awesome and I am so glad you are enjoying yourself.
The lesson is to take away what you can from the experience. Be happy with what you have and enjoy life, or grumble about what should have been, be miserable and unhappy.
Either way, its that person’s choice and its not fair to expect anyone to agree or disagree… We all have our own lives to live how we see fit…just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean you are right and that person is wrong.
If someone wants to grumble…that’s fine but don’t get mad when those that are happy with their machine don’t sympathize.
The pre order deal never stated that if you preorder or buy this product, then you have a say in how the company conducts business.
The amount of scams, legitimate offers, and projects that go south are numerous. I say be thankful that Glowforge delivered a better product than what’s out there for the targeted audience.

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