This is dedicated to


…Spike. Haven’t seen him/you in quite a while and you’ve always been our quick-witted and funny friend. Hope all is well with you.

Do I ever wish I wasn’t getting a Glowforge?

I’m a frayed knot


If he doesn’t have life on his back, the “frayed knot” should pull him in…
“Spike bait”.




Spike is no longer listed as a Regular, so I’m unsure if he’ll get an @ message from the VIP section. He’s still listed under other badges though.


Thanks, caribis2. I’d like to move this so that he can see it and know that he’s being thought of…can anyone either do it or tell me how, please?


just edit the title and it has the option.


I went ahead and moved it since I was puttering around. It’s in the “everything else” section now!


Maybe he has a beta unit and doesn’t want to let something slip.


I miss @spike too. of all the things that would keep him away from the forum, I sure hope it’s that he has a beta unit


Thank you so much. Took me a while to realize that there were no more posts from him.


You’re super welcome.