This is what Im talkin about!

Whoever from the glowforge @staff made this happen… thank you! It is amazing!


Last week I was lamenting the grayscale range of yore, as the latest changes removed my ability to engrave a lot of pieces properly. It made me start to wonder why they couldnt make something like this dynamic (same thing for dithering a while back). Lo and behold, not a week later it shows up! These are the really cool features that software gives you the power to do, that nobody ever does, and that I was hoping to see, and you actually did it! I cant tell you how great this is.

You guys rock!


I wonder if addl dithering options will become available in the future. I’m guessing so since the field is populated. If it were to be the only method planned, no reason to even display it.


Theres 3 available now, which are each great for different types of engraves. Im really hoping to see even more dithering types in the future along with any other advanced features they throw in. This is the stuff that really makes a tool great.


agree, this kind of control is super awesome.


Excellent! I couldn’t tell it was a drop down and the only screenshots I’ve seen had Floyd-Steinberg selected.


Yeah, heres a screenshot!


Dude, where you been? That was added there yesterday afternoon. :slight_smile:


Yeah I responded pretty quickly on most of the threads about it, but not this subsection specifically. I really wanted to just call out this specific portion of the additions in its own thread, because it deserves it for the gf team going the extra step beyond what is necessary.

Ive been personally wishing for these 2 specific things for a while now, but they were so beyond the scope of what was originally promised that I wasnt going to pester GF for them beyond the email I sent a couple of months back with UI ideas.

Im really excited to try the “Map grays to power” too. I bet thats the best way to get a nice clean 3d engrave! After I catch up with my orders now that I can make them again, im going to try some 3d stuff to see how it comes out. This got me excited again! I cant wait



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I’ve been putting the power map through its paces today, posts in the Made on a Glowforge section.

Here’s one where I drove that puppy through 3 layers of acrylic. I didnt want to engrave completely through it but that’s what 'sperimenting is for. :slight_smile:

OH by the way, 3D engraving isnt activated yet, so there’s even more goodness on the way!


thats looking really nice! I just got a bunch of the new fluorescents in today and I wanna try some similar engraves, but defocused.


What… The misspelling of Floyd Steinberg? :wink:

I’m so looking forward to playing with all the new power settings. Too busy working with “real” projects to have time to play!

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Too busy working with “real” projects to have time to play!

First world problems. :wink:


Haha that has to be some sort of inside joke. Maybe they have a steinburg that works for them that made the algo more Glowforge friendly or something


I am stoked to see what you and @mpipes come up with on 3D engraving! That’s a big interest for me.


I haven’t had a chance to play around with these yet. Anybody want to give me the cliff notes version of when to use each of them?

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Floyd-Steinberg is great for photos. Map to power is going to be better for 3d engraves. The middle one I don’t think has a ton of uses, but could work for 8bit type stuff.

I haven’t tried the 3d engrave one, as the tube in my unit is not in the best shape, but I’m planning on doing quite a bit once I get my pro.


This is awesome to see settings improve! :smiley:
I’m Looking forward to trying them someday.
@takitus thanks for the rundown of each of those options.

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