This is why I have to cover my GF

Of course, that’s Myke’s cat’s actual name.

For contrast, my main frustration with my cat (no longer with me), Mr. Puck, was that he wanted to be in physical contact with me almost all the time. He was rarely in the way and, would move immediately if prompted. He did like to find creative hiding places and, regularly nested inexplicably on high shelves full of fragile items. That caused some anxiety but, he never broke anything.

The husky sled team, on the other hand …

I was being nice, my friend had a much more colorful nickname for him. She was catsitting him last summer while I was overseas for my brother’s wedding. He ran away the fourth of July, which was the day we had a major earthquake and crazy fireworks. He was gone for two days and I was afraid the coyotes would eat him since he’s plump. I made a lost cat flier on my phone and my friend canvassed the area.

My husband and I were prepared to fly back, but instead, I recorded my voice calling him, and she played it, he was home within minutes. It really paid off to teach him to come as a kitten. I trained him just like the dog.


If you want a purpose made cover…

All the fabric has a water repellent coating for those occasional hair balls and accidents.

My wife’s Maine Coon sleeps in my underwear & sock drawer. He’s 30lbs and gobs of fur and he squeezes in between the bed frame and the underbed drawer (they’re on rollers and I think there’s probably only 3 inches or so between the top of the drawer & the bed frame). The drawers have snap on covers but I’m too lazy to fasten it every day - it’s under the bed and the bedspread or duvet of whatever that skirt thing is called covers the drawers. No idea what gets into a cat’s head that they think it’s a good idea to squeeze into something like that and then keep doing it.

And yet he won’t come near me. :man_shrugging:

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I rather expect that in the wild, squeezed into such a hole in a rock would be the safest place to sleep as nothing bigger is coming in after them. So such places probably feel most secure.


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