This is why I wanted the Pro Slot

“Lust for Light” has been here for a couple days. We did all of the “Hello World” ruler stuff. She is lasering like a champ!

I did the “Tap Plastics Scrap Bin Dive” and bought every piece of cast acrylic scrap I could get my hands on. The Alameda location in San Jose is like Plastic Heaven.

I made a swatch set from my findings so far.

Now I need to get the rest of the colors!

I wanted to figure out how to start making parts for my esoteric marble machine. One part is a chain that caries marbles uphill. @markevans36301 pushed me towards Derlin as the material for the chain. So I needed to start testing Derlin cut settings. I was able to use the Pro slot to tuck my Derlin stock into and cut tiny test pieces.

Once I have a test chain I will post it here.


Great stuff, and excited to see the chain. I have to find a good source for scrap acrylic nearby.

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Wow, your Tap has a better scrap collection than mine, all they ever have is clear and smoked.

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Are you just jamming that into the gap between the door and the lid? Whenever I open the front access door (for oversized materials) it won’t even scan the bed until the door’s been closed again.

It’s a Pro model with a pass through slot.

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Oooh! Could we see your rolling ball sculpture so far?

“Lust for Light,” may be my favorite name thus far. :upside_down_face:

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I am also planning on a Marble Machine. PLEASE post your progress, I’m really interested!

Those chain links ARE the machine so far. The rest of it is still in my head, except for a couple of Fusion 360 models.

The auger will be a 3D printed part. Plus the nascent beginning of a chain and sprocket.

MAN! Now that I told you guys about this I am going to have to stop daydreaming and actually build it!


The closest Tap is an hour twenty away from me. I was near San Jose for a meeting. So I hit THREE Tap Plastics on the way home to come up with that variety.

By the way the old timer at The Alameda location gave me a great tip when rifling through a bin of unknown plastic. He picked up a piece of clear polycarbonate and a piece of clear acrylic and looked at the edge of each. The polycarbonate edge was dark and the acrylic was light. Just like The Force, never go to the dark side.


Geez, they don’t have any of those stores in the LA area. I think the closest one is in El Centro, about 5 hours away

Tonight I printed more chain parts to see if this whole thing fits. I need a rod to connect the links and these nails are the proper diameter. (Please Home Depot let me find more of these nails in your hallowed bosom). Cutting them to 10mm long makes them the proper length (as shown on the last link)

Now you see the marbles are plastic! I plan to dye them different colors because this marble machine will be color sensitive. I can say no more right now as I fear my ambition may out strip my capabilities. But I will love to share my progress.