This is why this fourm may be even more important than the hardware we are all waiting on


The narrator of that video hosts (and prolly created) a series called “How We Got to Now” that explores the progression of innovations surrounding some technologies we take for granted these days. I’ve watched the series a few times. It’s quite good, in my opinion.

It’s on Netflix…
(it’s prolly “available” on YouTube too)

And here’s the website for the series that has previews and stuff, including a different video called “Where Do Good Ideas Come From?”.


Added to my TBW, thanx, looks like it will be a lot like connections that I loved.

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True enough about the importance of the forum. It’s really the biggest reason I’m sticking with the GF. With 2 lasers already and the price of the pro not terribly different than a large bed (1m x 1.5m) 100w Chinese one, I could get more firepower. But the folks here are like having a company of laser folk to get ideas from, solutions, education, etc. That’s important.


My ideas come from beating bad ideas into submission. Then they become less bad ideas…sometimes.


I get this image of Fight Club with your post. That seems to be one of the deeper themes of the book and movie, that we really have to get into a true struggle to find meaning and get to the next level.

I tell you, I have to have a challenge to bring to the forum conversation or else it’s just hearts and yays from me.