This is why you can't have nice things

Sadly I want to release more designs but unscrupulous companies like this one steal my files and sell them against the non commercial license agreement.

I designed these fractal files in 2016 and as many of you know they have been shared on numerous file websites against the original license agreement. Sadly these Glowforge owners have decided to sell my files and claim them as their own design. Identical in every single way, dimension and subdivision, there is no doubt that these puzzles are simply taken from my original files with the logo removed.

I have confronted them, but as far as Etsy goes, I can claim they are my own design and they have claimed they are not and that is about as far as I can take it. How sad for these individuals that ‘One of my best selling items’ is a stolen design and that they can’t even do the decent thing and admit to it.

Anyway, buyer beware, you can get these files for free from my site, and I’d advise glowforge owners to stay clear of them.

I guess that I’m just really annoyed that they’ve managed to sell my file a lot more times than I have


That’s so sad. Deplorable.


I have 2 ideas but I do not know if it will work.

(1) To somehow put in a code word or number into the file name. When you contact Etsy you will be able to prove you are the original designer of the file with that code word.

(2) Make your project and take a picture of your project with the date showing from a newspaper. This picture is just for you and you are the only one to see it.

Again when approaching Etsy —you have a picture showing when you made the project.

Just an example:

The theft has uploaded your file to Etsy in August 2022. Your picture clearly shows your file project was made May 15, 2022 because your project is photographed with the date from a May 15, 2022 newspaper.


Etsy don’t get involved beyond ‘He say’ ‘She say’, I reported it, they denied it, Etsy says they’ve done all they can do. If I want to take it any further I’ll have to hire an expensive attorney :frowning:


That’s really sucky. I’m so sorry they’re profiting from your hard work.
(edit) I reported the shop on Etsy - don’t know if that will help but can’t hurt.


I’m sorry your wonderful designs have been stolen. I know it doesn’t help any, but rest assured that they will end up paying for their theft in the long run. Some people just have no morals, and though they may prosper now, they will suffer for it in the end. I totally believe that.


That’s really the pits! Karma…it will get them sometime!


That really sucks.

You could make your own Etsy shop, giving away all the same files for $0, to at least try to divert sales away from the pirates. If the originals are only on your own web site, they won’t be as easy to find.

This might also force Etsy support to look more closely at your evidence.


Hey Martin! Good to see you again! Sorry this is what brought you back, but thanks for the heads-up.
I wonder how these people can stand to look in the mirror. The crime is not only against you but themselves as well. They have to carry that baggage through life… whether they realize it or not.


seriously great investigating! I would sue them and get your designs patent

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Yes! Wrong on both entities - the thief and Etsy!!!

I’ve had my machine for 5 years and have over 100 unique designs, but will not share them because someone would steal them and sell them. It’s just the sad state of society.

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