This just in... email received!


Just woke up and noticed an email I received asking if we want our Glowforge Pro! :grin: The wife and kid are still asleep so I can’t yell a deep booming YEESS!

Ordered on 9/24/15 at 10:29 pm
Email received on 9/11/17 at 10:42 pm


Yay!!! :tada::tada::tada:


Hurrah! I would yell for you but I am on a train.


Congrats, time to celebrate :sparkler:


Congrats and it is a good thing to allow sleeping ones peace!

Besides, they will know soon.


Way to go!


Woot! Woot! Grats!!!


YEA!!! That is Awesome!!! :fireworks:


Very happy for you. I can imagine all the excitement your brain is experiencing!

Almost through day one orders, too!


Awesome news! Thanks for the update and good luck!!


Yea!! Congrats to you…I can just imagine you doing a silent happy dance not waking the fam.


Woohooo! Congratulations! :grinning::sparkles::tada::confetti_ball::boom:


Yell anyway. They will be happy to know.


Yahooooo! Go forth and burn!


“Cant Yell a deep booming YESSS!”

I dont now my friend… i would have risked it. :nerd_face:




Congrats, but surely the order time is a mistake. I ordered at 9:21p.m. on 9/24 and have yet to see any email.

@Dan Care to comment? I see that order time is still missing from the Purchase History page.


If you ordered a Basic then contact Support. If you ordered a Pro or you are International then you still have a little while to wait.


Help me out here - this thread is announcing a Pro email received for an order that occurred after mine. I am not international. Why should I have longer to wait?


Time zones?