This machine is going to the dogs

So this weekend was the donors event (Paws for Applause) at the Cummings School for veterinary medicine at Tufts University, and as our new simulation venter is coming online we decided we should have a booth to show off what the funds are being used for.we of course planned to highlight the Glowforge, but as the one at the lab which I reported the set focus bug on, still hasn’t gotten a response from support on a solution, I lugged mine from home out to Grafton. We were at the temperature limit outside, but we got it up and running. The plan was to make custom dog tags (it’s a bring your dog event). Of course snapmarks refused to work on the draft board jig, grrrr… but I optically aligned to the jig which was “close” and off we went.

The booth had one of our prusas cranking out a dental print as a demo. We had a lot of examples of 3D prints available. I sort of went ghetto on the venting solution, but we are in the middle of a field after all, and there was a nearby charcoal grill spewing smoke

Myself and @Mike.Vet (and Bella a patient of Mike’s, because no way was I not getting a photo with that monster!)


i had the EXACT same ghetto solution today at maker faire. and nary a whiff of smoke.

your weather looks better, tho. we barely got out ahead of the storm.


I love looking at the details in these kinds of ‘where’s Waldo’ photos. Looks like your set up worked out just fine. And, I see that a glass of wine was part of the scenario, too.

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What a glorious Beast! What’s the breed? Oh sorry I let the dog upstage your own show. Thank god you did’nt have a cute baby in the shot :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s a newfie

You’ve got a lot going on! Tag looks great, gorgeous dog, and looks like all were having a great day!