This may be a new venture

I have made a lot of these with different Celtic knots and other symbols/pictures, and sold them at festivals and shows. But I may have a chance to make these for the University. (My wife works in Annual Giving for the University)

The basic shape is inspired by a lot of others I have seen, but I did create this myself in Illustrator.


It’s a smart phone stand, if that wasn’t apparent. I didn’t mention that.


That’s a great break for your business… congrats!

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Looks great; good luck with the gig!

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Hey! Small world! Good to see some other Utahns here :smile:

These phone stands really do seem popular currently and I’m sure UVU alumni would LOVE them.

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We exist!

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I ordered my GF while living in Utah, but it made its appearance after we moved to Hawaii. Our first place was by the mall up the street from UVU - small world!

Cool stand, I was trying to figure out how the wood pinched together to go through that hole, then I realized it’s a slot :man_facepalming:t4: Still early over here in the Pacific.


I really like the cut-out effect. Sharp :slight_smile:


Very nice! I’d definitely think these would be very popular!

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