This place is going to the birds



Your work is so lovely! Thanks for sharing it.


Oh the wings are cool…!


Thank you! The time varies wildly, depending on whether it’s a brand new design or a variation on something that I’ve done many times. Another big factor is whether it’s a custom piece, which involves tons of extra time for photos, communication. Even the simplest custom order typically increases the time needed by 2-3x!

It’s a multi-step process with a lot of waiting in between: design, cut mock up, tweak, carve, shape… wait for that to dry … shape some more… dye … wait to dry… paint… wait to dry… etc

It makes it hard to measure, but I’d say that simpler masks with one color can take as little as 1/2 hr - 45 min working time (not counting all of the waiting in between steps). This is a design that I’ve been doing for 10+ yrs, so my hands know what to do without having to stop and think about it much. I’ve probably got these down to 45 min now:

More complex designs with lots of shaping and mixed media embellishments can take hours and even days. This set easily has 35+ hours into it, probably more:

Reader’s Digest version: the time it takes can vary dramatically!


Whimsical and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Exercising your craft by pushing past your pain is particularly inspiring. I had a nasty accident with my hand three years ago of which I’m still trying to adapt. Your work encourages me to disbelieve my erroneously assumed limitations.


Wow, I love that and am honored by it - thank you. This machine will be a game changer for you, and me, and so many other creatives who are limited by chronic pain or disability. It’s going to empower so many of us to move beyond those limitations :grin:


These are stunning :heart_eyes:


Those are gorgeous!!


well said - and, me too. Dealing with pain is something I’ve been struggling with a lot lately (well, on and off for 5 yrs - gets better and worse as I re-injure then heal then re-injure). There’s a lot of sadness and mourning involved in rethinking how to do things (or giving up things) which used to be easy and fun. It’s good to see the GF helping artists who are dealing with working around chronic pain.


As I have said before, your hand and eye are both practiced. Quality fit for an art museum.
Seriously there are so many talented people here, but your work is the finest I have seen displayed.
It must be so gratifying to see people’s eyes widen and mouth drop open.

So glad the machine is all you hoped, I remember how close you came to canceling.


Thank you so much!

Me too, me too! I say this a lot, but it’s because I really mean it: I am so very grateful that they have allowed me to use this PRU, and that I didn’t cancel my order!! If I’d gone with my back up plan and ordered a Muse or K40 (or signed on for a Makerspace that doesn’t really suit my needs), only to see what this thing is doing now, I would have been absolutely heartbroken.


I really love these. Ready for Le Bal Masque now :slight_smile:


I truly have no words for the amazing and beautiful work you do, Drea. Nothing anyone said here is exaggerated one bit.


Those would be amazing at FairieWorlds!


Incredible work, @Drea ! Seriously impressive!


World class of the best quality. Thank you so much for posting these!


Those all look so incredible! Nice work… you are really good. :slight_smile:


Some day please show us how to make one! I can’t even imagine! These are so beautiful!


I’m pretty sure she could make super detailed instructions, and we still wouldn’t be able to make that… I think step one is “have insanely good innate skills”…


Wow! My brain hurts just looking at them and realizing how much work, talent, and skill one must have to make these!! Definitely way outside my wheelhouse!! Can’t wait to see what you do with a laser cutter!


These are stunning pieces!