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Here are a couple of leather masks that I made last year, prior to receiving a Glowforge PRU. These were hand cut, carved and sculpted, then dyed, painted, sealed and embellished. They’re variants on a design theme that I’ve been playing with over the last decade + . When I made them, I thought they’d make a cute pair but they ultimately sold to two unrelated clients.

Amusingly enough, I was recently contacted by two more (also unrelated) people, asking for custom variants on this ever evolving theme. These two were cut using a :glowforge: PRU, and the darker one also features a glass cabochon that was engraved using the PRU.

This one is for a costumed wedding. The iridescent blue/green tones match her dress and accessories, and details are per her specifications. I asked if they had any symbols that are special to them, and she explained that they’re steampunk aficionados who love the idea of time travel; thus we incorporated an hourglass theme into the cabochon at the center. Unfortunately, that may be hard to see as those aurora borealis cabochons are a real pain to photograph :wink:

The second one is painted primarily in a pearlescent ivory/white that fades out to a golden bronze ombre. It’s accented with the same crystals and flowers found on her ballgown:

I was super happy to finish off the final details on these pieces last night, as it leaves me free to spend today messing around with the new low power settings … I’m so excited!!!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 24th, 2017
Call for glowforge-made halloween costumes!

These are just incredible!


I see it. But I can’t wrap my brain around it. THAT’S AMAZING!!!


Ohmygosh Ohmygosh! This is just stunning! To me they look like museum pieces–thanks so much for sharing!

I’m wondering if you are finding that the Glowforge is helping prevent painful hands like you were hoping?


Truly amazing! Like something you would see in an art museum…


Those are just amazing! Great for wearing and/or home decor :smiley:


good grief, these are wonderful.


Absolutely stunning. I don’t know if I will need any, but you are absolutely the first person I am calling…


Without a doubt, absolutely STUNNING!!!


What absolutely gorgeous work! About how long does it take you to complete each one (assuming some variation for complexity)


wow :heart_eyes: I hope she sends you wedding pictures - these are stunning! I never knew leather could look like that. I always think of leather as something heavy, but these like so light and wispy. Magical :tada:


Wow, just Wow!


Wow, just…wow.


Truly stunning creations, @Drea


Super inspiring to see this- thank you for sharing. Absolutely magical.


Such beautiful work!


Awesome Work @Drea :grinning:


Absolutely beautiful!!


Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone! I really appreciate it :blush:

YES!!!1!!! So much so. I have some trouble with my hands, but even more so with my right/dominant shoulder, which I injured in a bad car accident (and have subsequently and clumsily re-injured numerous times :unamused: ) . Trying to manage the pain keeps me from being as prolific as I’d like, and because my ROM is often very limited, I tend to stick with smaller projects.

Using the :glowforge: for my cutting alleviates much of the repetitive motion, and frees my hands to do the finer/more detailed work that I really enjoy. It will enable me to accomplish a lot more, with less pain. I’m also hoping to use it to work with some heavier weights of leather that I used to use very sparingly, and it will open up possibility for larger works than I used to do. FE, I’ve only made a couple dozen sets of these leather wings, because they’re brutal on that bad shoulder … I look forward to many new iterations, and more elaborate costume designs once that pass through is in play!


Ohhhh, lovely. Looking at your work is such a treat for the eyes!