This thing always amazes me

A little editing in Photoshop, some tracing in Inkscape, and then a 3 minute (based on questions, I decided to try again, and actually pay attention to the real duration, which was 5:46 minutes) cut into draftboard and an illustration comes to life! (Not my design, but my glowforge’s namesake :-D)


I’m blown away!

Very pretty!

So very cool!


Inspiring !!

3 minutes on a Pro or Basic? :slight_smile:

Pro :slight_smile:


so according to Glowforge this should take me 4 minutes… I am thinking I need to find a Pro owner to test out their time claims :slight_smile:


ok, full disclosure, I had tested multiple times with cardboard, and those tests were all around 2 minutes, then I tried it on the draft board, and I did not specifically pay attention to the cut time (I still get distracted by watching it). I’ll set it up again tonight and the the exact value :slight_smile: I’ll be more precise in future posts!

I also noticed you have Silhouette experience, what model do you have? I’ve got a cameo 3, and I remember being very frustrated with the driver install on a Mac, and never integrated it into my workflow very well.

:wink: unless you need another one you don’t need to waste materials… just let us (me) know on the next one. hehe

I do have experience… a lot of it… and I want to throw that machine about every time I use it. lol I have a 2… I had a 1 but I enjoyed a recreation of Office Space on it and it was worth every penny I had to pay for a new one. LOL *damn it feels good to be a gangsta


that feeling you describe… it feels familiar. I had the hardest time figuring out how to load the cutting mat and the material properly. Intuitive it is not, and I’m feeling even more spoiled now that the forge is in my life.

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Official number is 5:40 at the size I had it. Proofgrade Medium Draftboard settings. I guess time flies when you’re watching a laser cut intricate patterns into materials :wink:


Once I started using the laser I avoid using that thing as MUCH as humanly possible. What it is able to do with paper is light years ahead of those cutting machines. I have etched, scored, cut… you name it… does it gorgeously. No dull blades. No dragging. :slight_smile:


Really happy to hear this! I never bonded with my diecutter. Knew there was a reason I’ve always wanted a laser!

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