Thornwatch Game Tokens (first project)

First two, actually!

First up were some double-sided wooden tokens using the hardwood in the starter kit. Not pictured are a half-dozen test runs using the MDF and working out doing two sides. The tips on the forums to do the painting before removing the protective layer were spot on and definitely made my painting skills look way better than they are.

Second one was doing “leaf” tokens in acrylic. Again double-sided, plus the nesting. Was not thrilled with the material I was using, but it’s what I had - I think they came out OK, but I wish I had spent more time testing the material and power settings before jumping into everything.

I’m pretty happy with the end results - next on my list is figuring out boxes :wink:


Looks like you’re off and running! Great job! :grinning:

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Awesome job! Now the really important question, what do you think of Thornwatch?

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Oh…nice! Where’d you get the day-glow opaque acrylic?

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Pretty complex first projects, if you ask me. They came out great!


I know right?


Looks like you did quite well! Congrats!