Threaded rod

I am trying to design a geared mechanism that will lift other parts on threaded wooden rod(s). Has anyone designed and made one with GF? OR, does anyone know where I can get threaded wooden rods preferably with ACME thread ?
Thanx, Craig


I’m having trouble picturing how you could use a GF to make a threaded rod. Can you describe the broad approach you’re picturing (if you’re even that far along)?

Using a geared mechanism, planetary gears for example, the threaded rod would be an axle and turn with the gear. then another gear would ride the threads and move up and down lifting an object set on it like a ring . The description is all I have for now. A rectangle with offset notches might work -sort of - or a purchased threaded dowel. I think the ACME coarser thread would word best if I can find some

Ah, ok I’m picturing it. I misunderstood and thought you were trying to come up with a way to actually put threads on the wooden dowel with the GF.

I’ve never come across threaded wooden dowels for sale (but never really looked, so maybe they are common) but I’ve seen a fair number of woodworking videos on YouTube with folks making threaded dowels with clever router, bandsaw, or tablesaw jigs. And of course milling machines, which I wish I owned.

I’ll be curious to see if anyone has any first had experience. Good luck with it and keep us posted on the project; it sounds interesting.

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It’s not something you can easily buy.

You might find a local woodworker who can make something for you.

I have found that if you are careful, and particularly if you use a good hard wood (hard maple, walnut) you can use standard threading dies to thread the wood. If the threading reach is the same threads per inch, it is good to start wider than the wood and work down. you also can stay narrower like using 1/16 inch or 1/8 inch narrower rod than the die is designed for and round the threads a bit or even round the bottom some with a file or sandpaper and a very slow spinning driver.


Was going to post this exact thing. Maple / walnut or anything with a tight grain works well with this method. It’s quite cool IMO to do this with wood and the dies aren’t that expensive.


As @UrJac says, lots of vids on YouTube. Here’s a link to a rather in depth discussion of different ways of making threaded wooden dowels. He has a couple vids.

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If you don’t want to “roll your own” as suggested above this place has threaded wooden rods:


Thanks for that link. I like how he shows a lot of his process.

Also, you guys related? :smile:

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Nice find.


He does have this stream of consciousness way of talking through his builds. Matthias Wandel and John Heisz were my exposures to how to videos. And I have been curious as to where the “sz” comes from.

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Wow, Thanx for all the input. Now to try, otherwise I will have to learn how to design and 3D print a threaded rod.

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