Three different items from one operation

A close friend has been under a lot of stress lately, and is really down. I wanted to make her something that would lift her spirits anytime she saw it. There were a lot of cutouts that I wanted to use for another purpose. In the end, I made a gift, a wall plaque and a goofy yin-yang symbol. (I’ll paint it next time; Sharpies didn’t meet my needs on this one.)

This is the gift. (object is 5" diameter, and I used a piece of 6" square origami paper as the background)

Wall plaque:

Painted with brown acrylic, after selective removal of the mask.

Yin-Yang symbol:

I glued some of the cutouts onto waste from one of the cuts, after I scored the waste piece. The 3-D effect is bothersome, I think.

I need to tweak this design a bit before I offer it here. The last time I used Illustrator was in 2006; I used to be a master. Today was sort of like trying to re-learn a language I once knew well. Plus, I’m using a vintage 2003 Macbook–it can be hard to see the fine detail for positioning multiples. The score lines of the center motif are lasered thru two passes in different directions, so I’m going to need to delete the overlaps in the file.

Many years ago I was a jeweler, and hand-cut the design in silver for a pendant I made. (Jeweler’s saw with a super-fine blade. I domed the metal first, then cut the design. Otherwise, it distorts.)


That’s so cool. Came out really nice.


Thank you!

These are great! What a thoughtful gift idea!


Such a lovely gift! Beautiful piece of jewelry also!

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My first thought was that it would be a beautiful tray, but a beautiful wall plaque as well.

I’m going to make a display stand for it. When faced with engineering artistry, I think of 10,000 things to do, knowing I only have time for one.

In the meantime, the idea about being a wall plaque is appealing. I’m going to cut the biggest possible set from draftboard. I think the proportions will be better suited to larger. It will certainly be easier to weed! That takes longer than the cutting and drafting.

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Things spun off other things can also lead to some amazing places,

Wow, all the pieces are amazing. Especially the pendant!

That is really great!
On a side note: Damn I wish my glowforge top looked that clean. LOL

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ha ha, that’s not really ‘me’. I had just watched one of the videos on how to clean the unit. I doubt it will look like this again, any time soon.

Haha. Mine is covered in pieces because I live in 710 sqft and I never have anywhere to put them. Yard sale time! Lol

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The reflection does confuse. It makes one wonder how you got the chain wandering up the curtain :upside_down_face:

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Reality is in flux around my GF. As in, what comes out is not what was expected when it went in (yeah, I’m a newbie…). :smile:

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I guess 3 years is old around here, but I often have that problem too.

2003 MacBook?? I’m thoroughly impressed, this is great!

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I still have some that are older; one even runs on the earliest versions of OS X. The oldest one is a Fat Mac, with operating system disk. However, none of them have Illustrator & Photoshop except this one and the backup: another MacBook.

No, I am not a hoarder, and I only have one cat. :innocent: