Threw caution to the wind

So after much frustration night 1 trying to get a bitmap engrave to load, and failure to etch a piece of kraft paper as a test I threw caution to the wind and engraved a bitmap file converted to SVG on proofgrade maple. So in my hasty excitement I got some experience (mistakes made) I forgot to add a cut path, didn’t record the lines per inch setting, got the proofgrade wet while scrubbing it with a toothbrush. etc. etc. So I made a cut path after the engrave, somehow that didn’t align right, maybe the focus was off. Anyway super pumped by the detail. Sorry I forgot whose tutorial I followed for creating the file for engraving but it did wonders for the detail. I’ll try again, record my notes better and make less mistakes!!


Cool! Looks like that turned out great. :smile:


But do you own any sharks? Congrats!


And, it didn’t cost a hundred…thous… million dollars! Great start!

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You also own a nice mitutoyo calipers… that impresses me even more!

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Amazing amount of detail. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your next success!

20 year old set going strong