Tie Pins on Angel Wings PT2

Wow, this has been one heck of a year. About a year ago I thought about how I’m getting into the age groups where more big life events will start to occur, and wether that was a premonition or a jinx, it hit hard in 2018. Friend’s loved ones, as well as one of my own have passed away, new babies (including my own next month!), new friends and old friends coming and going from the islands, natural disasters and other wild adventures. I’m even coming up on my year mark on owning my Glowforge, and what it has helped me accomplished is wonderful.

With that said, around the time of my mom’s passing, a friend from high school was dealing with her husband’s battle with cancer. He soon succumbed to the cancer and was taken from her. She’s shown so much strength and because of the timing I felt for her and her pain. I knew I had to do something to brighten her days, but I didn’t know what I could do until a couple of months had passed. I decided to recreate a picture of her and her husband with the laser. This rekindled our friendship after not having really talked for the last 10 years or so, and this last weekend both she and another high school friend stayed with my wife and I while they vacationed here on Oahu. It was such a great experience, and during a Sunday outing I was wearing a tie pin I had made, so she mentioned she had been wondering if it would be possible to make her some for her brother in laws which represented her husband. Hard to say no to that! After having made them, I felt it appropriate to surprise her with matching earrings for the wives as well.

I’ve done a similar project in the past, and decided to use my angel wings backing again. Simple project, but such a deep meaningful one.


I feel your pain. That was a really nice thing that you did for your friend.


Wonderful, beautiful!. Thank You for sharing! I lost a wife, father and a best friend from cancer. It all makes a difference. Your caring makes a difference. Congrats on the upcoming next month!

Love your work…


Deeply moving. I’m glad you were able to help her and her family to find closure. :slightly_smiling_face:


So thoughtful. May we all have friends like you in our time of need.

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Beautiful story, beautiful jewelry and engraving.


that is very touching


I can only imagine how touched she was by your work and gifts! So very thoughtful!

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