Tile coasters for a school "Trade Day"

My daughter and I made some fun tile coasters tonight with a little help from her brothers. I love coloring with my kids and this was definatly more fun than plain old coloring books



Looks like you had a bunch of fun! Now make some frames or stands for them (search the forum for “tile frame” or “tile stand”).


You have to let us know what she got in trade for them.

Since the kids have to make the items they trade it’s usually key chains lanyards, braided bracelets, and homemade slime. The class typically has a month to prepare but their teacher decided last minute to let them vote on something fun to do the last day before spring break and they chose doing a Trade Day. It will be interesting to see what a bunch of 5th graders come up with in just one night!:grin:


I’ve got a few bookmarked! Just waiting on an order of P.G. material.


Great times!

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