Tile + Coffee

Looking for a subtler effect (and even less effort…) I tried soaking an engraved tile in coffee for 3 days. I should have a taken a before pic because the difference in contrast after is more than you might guess looking at it.

Design is a heavily processed photo from Hawaii. And I am happy to be getting pretty much perfect edge to edge placement now with my jig and template setup.


That came out really beautifully. I would never have thought about using coffee for it.


I’ll bet black tea would give you a nice effect too. Looks very nice! :grinning:


Stunning, and great technique idea!

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What set-up are you using for alignment? (If you don’t mind me asking) looking for a better way to solve this issue.

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Well the short story is for things that fit into this 9"x17" jig/frame I have a template file that I start with placing the arts at 1"x1" from the upper left origin. This jig was cut in place so corner is at exactly 1"x1". I don’t use camera alignment at all if I want precision.


I should add that I am using Affinity Designer and always use a 12"x20" artboard and export as PDF

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When I first saw the image, I thought how has coffee given you a raised pattern on the tile ?
Then reading the other post, I scrolled back up, and my eyes/brain reversed the image, so I saw that it was an engrave !
Very disturbing, but gave my pause for thought.


I would have never thought of using coffee to stain an engrave.

Really lovely!

anything that can stain your clothing has a potential artistic application.


I guess I should start hanging engraved tiles around my neck. If nothing else my shirts will approve.


Makes perfect sense. I was doing a quick score of a rectangle around each image then looking at the screen image of the bed as I counted bumps up and over with the arrow keys to align, then doing the actual artwork. Works great, but only repeatable if the material is the exact same width.
Next project…JIG!

It’s gorgeous. And another use for coffee, yay!

Here is the PDF for the jig in the photo if you find it helpful. It is meant to be cut from a sheet of draftboard or equiv. And of course, the key is to mark the exact location so you can replace it. I use the 3d printed pins in the photo and which are published on thingiverse.

jig_1_4.pdf (11.2 KB)

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Next up, blueberries and Polk bush berries.

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me too :slight_smile:

Like the subtle effect. did you use a strong brew or just a regular coffee?

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