Tile etching (joining the cool kids)

4” dal tile from Home Depot. Engraved then covered with speedball No. 3400 Black water soluble ink, allowed to sit for about a minute then wiped off. Seems to be indelible now even with wiping with damp towels. Interesting.

The overall look is a bit like watercolor (go figure), I’m pleased.


You could make a nice hand-painted watercolor backsplash…circa Jurassic Park.

Kewl! :sunglasses:


What were your settings when doing the etching (if ya don’t mind…)

Lots of discussion of settings in the non-“made on a glowforge” thread here:

In general, the powers that be would prefer that we don’t talk about non-pg settings in this category.

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Mucho bueno - Thx!