Tile wall-hanger / presentation plaque

I’ve been playing around with etched tiles and wanted a nice way to hang a few on the wall or to give as gifts.

This is made from proofgrade medium walnut ply and medium leather. The top and bottom edges have a 2mm inlet to retain the tile. An engrave at 550 / FP yields the desired depth. The corners are joined with finger joints to give me a little more wiggle room due to variance in tile size.

I kept the back as a solid piece to be able to engrave a dedication, which looks quite nice on the walnut.

Additional construction photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/LA5qGcPog3blhBjB2


This is a really cool idea! I like how it all came together.

Very nice.

That’s a great design for the hanging the tiles, simple and elegant!

Oh, lovely! :grinning:

What a great design! Had a few tiles for sale at our AG (riculture) Fair. If I had these on them they would have flown off the shelf. Next time, next time…

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A very nice finish!

Excellent tile frame! The solid back is a good idea too.

Just what I was looking for. do u have file for the frame?

It’s against forum guidelines to ask for peoples work.

If someone shares a print that they’ve made, please respect their sharing and do not ask for the source design or artwork. Designs take work and have value, and when you ask someone to give you that value for free, you undermine their work.

hi… I wasnt asking for free… I have seen a lot of artist here selling there artwork hence I was asking him if he has or can share the link I can but from. I am myself an artist and I am well aware of all the rules. however thanks for your kind words.