Tile wall-hanger / presentation plaque


I’ve been playing around with etched tiles and wanted a nice way to hang a few on the wall or to give as gifts.

This is made from proofgrade medium walnut ply and medium leather. The top and bottom edges have a 2mm inlet to retain the tile. An engrave at 550 / FP yields the desired depth. The corners are joined with finger joints to give me a little more wiggle room due to variance in tile size.

I kept the back as a solid piece to be able to engrave a dedication, which looks quite nice on the walnut.

Additional construction photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/LA5qGcPog3blhBjB2


This is a really cool idea! I like how it all came together.


Very nice.


That’s a great design for the hanging the tiles, simple and elegant!


Oh, lovely! :grinning:


What a great design! Had a few tiles for sale at our AG (riculture) Fair. If I had these on them they would have flown off the shelf. Next time, next time…


A very nice finish!


Excellent tile frame! The solid back is a good idea too.