Tiles engraved differently on same setting


I was surprised how different these two images came out when done at the same setting. I’ve worked with photos over the years and am learning a lot about how to fine tune images for engraving! The “Mother’s Day” one just didn’t have the detail like the other and I was out of time to run another. Customer still loved them though, I’m just one of those detail-type people :grimacing:


Maybe it didn’t come out how you really wanted, but I think anybody would agree, it looks just wonderful!
I can’t tell what you engraved on. Was that tile?


Yes, the 4.25” white ceramic tiles. Thank goodness they are $.11 each as 2 ended up in the trash!


I had assumed it was laser tile. That’s the best I have seen on the plain white tiles. Did you use sharpies to darken it? That is awesome work. :blush:


These look great! I am wondering about using the same settings and getting such a drastic difference. Was it the same type of tile too?


Yes, they were the exact same type of ceramic tile. But, I have learned overtime that sometimes things aren’t exactly like another


Very nice!


Although a bit different … Both are great!