Tiles x 3

The seascape is titled “ Maui Surfers” from a favorite photo - I will probably redo it at higher dpi this is at 190? 500/full The two 3 x 6 tiles are projects using Assembly and Inkpad.

The ILY is interesting maybe because i used a red base color with a Sharpie and two coats of Metalic Gold Sharpie. When cleaned there is a barely perceptible darker line from the red that helps with the contrast against the brown tile.

Oh, big lesson! No more Scotch pads - too abrasive - a little saliva and paper towel work just fine.

Inkpad and Assembly - have helped me tremendously to begin to get comfortable with vectors and curves and paths. Newbies may check these out. At a higher level I use Affinity Designer which i like a lot - it’s just missing a couple of key things I need right now - my new goal is to violate my vows to Mac and romance a Windows product and get Inkscape - which seems hugely popular and free.


Adding a photo that didn’t load image


Very nice! (And great color choices!) :slightly_smiling_face:


Also runnable on a mac… But romance away!

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Gosh, very nice! I especially like the seascape—such subtle coloring.


Really like the Metallic Gold Sharpie on this!

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Thanks, your response prompted me to take a second look at Inkscape for Mac and after a few hiccups i managed to get up and running on my macbook.

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