Till all are one - Late to the escutcheon party


Hey guys! Psyched new glowforger here. While I’m teaching myself the ins and outs of laser cutting and engraving, I decided my forge needed an escutcheon like the awesome ones so many of you have done. Took me a few hours of racking my brain for round glowy things I hadn’t seen done before, but I finally settled on the Matrix of Leadership from Transformers the Movie. Fits perfectly!


Welcome to the forum and - very nice! I like it!


Oh great job! You’ve got that sized/shaped perfectly for it’s new home! :sunglasses::+1:


I like how you Incorporated the lid graphics into the little cutouts on the sides. Looks like it was designed for that :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent job. Nice detail and quite well done. Welcome to the insanity! :sunglasses: and watch out for the “rabbit holes” ha!


Can’t wait to see your next project as this is such a great start.


Welcome to our madhouse! We are all similarly afflicted, it’s just a matter of degree. :sunglasses:


That’s excellent, love the Transformers franchise.


This is amazing, however I’m slightly gutted/jealous I didnt think of this!


Welcome, welcome! Your escutcheon is worthy of the highest ratings!


Welcome to our group. You are off to a good start.


welcome to the party! Awesome job on your escutcheon! Big Transformer fan myself.:slight_smile: