Tinker Bell Night Light


I made this night light today. I had seen this picture on the internet and used it for some back lit acrylic. I had a little trouble with the base of the night light because the acrylic wasn’t thick enough to fit snuggly into the base. I used a strip of wood veneer and a strip of electrical tape on the opposite side of the acrylic. The base came from China, it was one of the menu holders that @smcgathyfay told us about last year.

The first picture was made without the electrical tape on the bottom, but the second picture had it installed.


Man the edgelit acrylic is just so dang attractive, isnt it?

Very nice!


It looks so magical!


Looks amazing! Just be careful with the Black Mouse :mouse:


Ooooo, lovey. Just, oooooooo (and wow!).




That one really does look magical! :grinning:


I did some lights with the exact same base. I used black craft felt that had adhesive on the back. I only had to put it on one side of the Medium Acrylic and it fit really well. I got the felt at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents for a letter sized sheet.


It’s just lovely!..especially lit up like that. I have some of those bases, too…and have had the same trouble with fitting the acrylic into it. Somewhere, someone cut their panel in 1/4" acrylic and engraved the bottom part dow to fit. Maybe Jules? Can’t remember. Great job!


A strip of Gorilla tape works to snug up 1/8" acrylic on the base.

Someone else has done that here too but I did 50 of them last year and it was the time I said “this would be a perfect use for the GF trace feature”. I put a piece of cardstock in the slot and traced the profile of the base with a sharpie. Then, because I didn’t have a GF, I took a picture of it, imported it into Corel, traced the bitmap and then created the etch before exporting as a DXF (for the Redsail). Would have been so much easier with the GF (especially if the GF let you save stuff). :slight_smile:


Wow, your tinkering turned out wonderfully! The base light really brings out the shadows in the design.