Tinting acrylic?

Does anyone have any thoughts on tinting clear acrylic? I’m going to play around wth dye sublimation to tint it, but thought maybe someone might have other creative ideas.

Just to be clear, I don’t want to paint the acrylic or float a color on top for this project. I want to dye it. Alcohol inks, for example, sit on top of the acrylic, although maybe they leave a light color if washed off…

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If I recall @takitus has shown some here early on, but I don’t know the method.

I just posted about alcohol inks and crazing, I’m sure you saw it.

There was also this:



funny you mention that im experimenting with my water based dye and soaking acrylic in it. i dont expect it to work but if it does i will let you know the results

Edit: i found this but not sure if it will be helpful

Thanks. I think I have some fabric dye around, so maybe I’ll give that a shot. The dye sub may work best.

I did see your post and was a bit surprised at how much damage it did. I was playing around with alcohol inks and had no issues at all, even near cut edges. I didn’t seal before putting the paint on the background, though, and leached a lot of the ink through the paint on the back. It’s not what I expected, but it was interesting. Here’s the front (the intent is to cut smaller pieces, so I wasn’t worried about the overall design):

It’s interesting, but definitely outside of the realm of what I want to tackle right now!


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