Tiny Easter bunnies and Egg jewelry


I made these up last night. These are tiny bunnies and Easter eggs. Designing from scratch can be addictive. These are made from maple and use of paint pens. I’ll post more pics when I finish them with findings . Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 8.37.35 PM

I updated with finished pics with findings for fun!!


Fun use for scraps!


Thanks so much!

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The post-laser and then the completed pieces photos are a great way to see how you’ve done this. The final products are super cute!


I think I like your bunny butts the best. Cute. :blush:


They are very very funny. :joy:

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Too cute!


So fun! Those turned out Great!

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I love these! They are super cute.

I love making tiny earrings like this. Did you make the smallest ones into post earrings? I tried making some with plastic posts for my daughter (she hates metal posts) but I was having a hard time getting them to stay on for good. I need to experiment and find the best method. :slight_smile:

It’s so addicting! LOL
I make one thing and then I think Oh! what about --? The next thing I know, it’s like way late and I meant to go to bed earlier. lol


You are ready to put the big girl pants on and get yourself an airbrush. The bunny butt is adorable!

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Those bunny tails are too cute!

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I’ve been airbrushing for 32 years. So… big girl pants? Really?

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Thanks so much? Very kind of you to say.

Thank you to all who enjoy my work and all who have kind words to share.