Tiny furniture for a doll house

Fresh off the bed, before painting.


Oh how sweet! :grinning:

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i know, right? :slight_smile: not the best design though, i just broke one of the chair top tips where the hated finger joint is too close to the rim.

e: letter

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Bummer! (Wood glue is your friend!) :wink:

59 seconds to burn a new one, and i have so much scrap. also, yes. have to glue them, first thing that happened to these is getting dropped en mass on the floor.


I have seen a few doll houses and have an in-law hinting about one.

So just curious. Do toy dolls come in a specific size or do you just make it whatever and leave the rest up to imagination?

I get that the furniture has to look like it belongs in the room, so sized to that, but what is the actual sizing.

Long way from doll houses. For all I know there are no dolls and the children just make the imaginary family in there, or walk their fingers around.

disclaimer: I would ask the wife, but that would make her think it was in the process of being made and I may want an out.

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I believe I started with a 150mm long bed and went on from there, using that as the guide.

There are a number of standard sizes, but I think 1:12 scale (as in 1’=1") is probably most common if you are making furniture and such, since going smaller makes that kind of detail difficult, and is usually for exterior models.


Very cute set! What style would you call it? I’m thinking a bit of Duncan Phyfe with a modern twist.


Awesome! I am working on a miniature sewing machine and table and chair for the wife.

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Wow…my girlfriend always dreamt of a dollhouse…she’ll love your set!

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The chair backs probably only needed a single finger joint.

You’re right, I’ll modify the design if I need to make more of these.

I’d say it’s a mishmash of stuff. I have a thing to for circles, I suppose.

Love these!

I make things for my Barbie dolls, I’m an adult collector. The scale we use is 1:6. I’m busily prototyping and experimenting with my Glowforge and look forward to sharing my little treasures soon!

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