Tiny lumber... for the Glowforge of course

Copying @takitus I decided to go hardwood shopping while on vacation. I live in BC so local lumber is pretty much all softwood and while it will work on the Glowforge it will be very weak if it’s at 1/4" or less. We were holidaying on Vancouver Island so my first stop was Westwind Hardwoods in Victoria which I thought looked very promising from their website. Problem is they cater primarily to boat builders so I was relegated to the tiny section. Basically the smallest of the small. Their regular twenty foot long planks weren’t going to work strapped to the roof of the vehicle.

I did grab a few pieces of lumber but the main pieces we picked up were a few pieces of walnut turning blanks and a larger piece of walnut, for a stool my daughter wants to build.

Once we got back to the mainland I was a little dissapointed in my meager haul so I did some quick googling for scrollsaw wood in the Vancouver area. I ended up at Wood to Works in Chilliwack. They are a specialty company that has some really nice thin lumber. Mainly for instrument makers, but hey it would work in the Glowforge so we made the stop.

Their main showroom had some very nice thin stock. Most of if 12x24 so perfect size for engraving if you wanted to use up the whole bed. I ignored their baltic birch plywood and just picked out some of the hardwoods.

I then noticed the offcut and discount back area so I went in and found a $1 bin with some really small wood pieces as well as their bargain bin which had pieces mainly $3-8.

Overall very happy I made the second stop. Although my wife ended up with the wood between her and the door the rest of the way home as we were completely out of space in the vehicle.

My favorite piece is the one with the live edge. I think I’ll try engraving something on that one.
I also picked up a Dewalt 735 planer as I’d been saving up my tool money. Very excited to try making my own thin stock pieces that I can then cut on the Glowforge.


Score! :+1::sunglasses:


Sooooooo jealous! :heart_eyes:


Thank you SO MUCH for reporting on Wood to Works. I’ve been bookmarking sites in BC to visit and this definitely puts them on my must-visit list.

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No problem at all. Smaller shop but definitely worth a stop if you’re out in the valley.

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Whoa score! Is that a 12x24 piece of padauk?! Oh man it’s hard to find people who sell thins of that size. Incredible! I’m jealous!


Yes it is. The biggest are Sapele, Myrtle, Mahogany and Padauk.