Tiny T-Rex Head out of chipboard

I took the Epilog free T-Rex file and made him out of the cardboard as shown on their site. Then I thought smaller was even better, so I measured my chipboard Fancy Feast inserts, figured the inserts were 20% of the thickness of the cardboard, so reduced the piece sizes by 80% and made this cutie patootie. (Please ignore my char dirty fingers lol)


Sorry - here is the link to the free design. https://www.epiloglaser.com/resources/sample-club/trex-head-3d-model.htm


That’s really neat - going to have to give that one a try! Thanks for sharing.

How cute! :grinning:

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“Laserfingers” is probably something we all know about. Not exactly a scandal. :slight_smile:


I mainly work with wood in my laser and constantly will smell my fingers because the smell is so amazing! Laserfingers is the perfect name for what we all get.

Love the model, and the way you went for it with what you had on hand!

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So cute! Now make a trophy mount for it like you see with the reindeer heads–wouldn’t that be cute?


my fingertips have been stained orange from proofgrade resin.