TinyVG Vector Format

Possible vector file formats of the future:

Very speculative, of course.


Confused pic


So he just wanted a scalable PNG?

This seems like a very specialized implementation adding restrictions to the use just to simplify implementation.

The great thing about SVGs is that they are XML based and read by any web browser.

I feel like he is trying to invent a smaller wheel…

As someone that has used every single feature that he is getting rid of, this seems quite silly to me. But, I don’t use any of those features with the :glowforge: which actually simplifies my designs, so I don’t really see the need to omit them. Just don’t use them when you don’t need them?


SVG is dead, wow! Someone better tell Adobe.


apology for poor english

when were you when svg dies?

i was sat at home cutting laser box when pjotr ring

‘svg is kill’



and microsoft. the clipboard basically uses SVG formatting. when you copy/paste into MS apps now, you see “svg” as the default vector graphic format to paste in.

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