Tip: Easy way to remove the adhesive paper after cutting

I wanted to share a product I use a lot and found it quite helpful in removing the small areas of paper masking material once my project was finished. Those little pieces around text and details were driving me crazy (ok, I am but OCD).

After the first piece, I had to figure out a way.

The product image is below. It is designed to remove adhesive from paper projects. It is XYRON Adhesive Eraser. I buy them in bulk but local craft stores have them. They last for a long time! Worked quickly and perfectly. Added link below. They have a three pack as well as single.


Huh, interesting. Does it shed bits like a traditional pencil eraser?

Those are good. Magic erasers too, but Gorilla tape is my favorite.


Not at all. Nothing sheds. It’s like a more solid version of hardens rubber cement. When using on sticky items it will gather onto the eraser and can be pulled off. Removing the mask, there is no residue or bits to remove.


Pretty neat, thx for the info.

They’re called “adhesive erasers” and are available in much cheaper (generic) versions. For some unknown reason, they are used to clean skateboards - I’m guessing when they remove stickers.

I prefer Gorilla Tape for fine detail engraves or delicate cuts. You have to “rub” too hard for these to work effectively, easily damaging the work.

These are handy to keep around if you buy a cheap one.


Thanks for the tip!

Cool, thanks for the idea. I had never heard of those.
Yes, I discovered the sticky side of anything works for those text cut-outs. Simply dragging it across with the pressure of a fingertip rolls it right off. :star_struck:

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So I went to Azon and searched for Adhesive Eraser and they showed me this.
Masking Should Tremble At It’s Presence!

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I tried one of those eraser wheels on my vette when I was removing the adhesive from the badges before applying vinyl wrap… You have to be VERY careful with those. One bump too hard and BLIP… no more paint on that part under the badge. :smiley: Went back to goo gone and elbow grease after that. :rofl:


I attached a link for a other brand. If you search xyron adhesive eraser several options come up. Packs of 1-3 or 5

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Thanks for the tip! It’s a new one to me.

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