Tip for working with PDFs

Recently ive been playing with fusion 360 and a slicer plug in for it. The plug in works well with the glowforge because it lets you input you material size. This feature tells you how many sheets of that size you will need for all the slices and fits them all within that size. This is nice for us because it also exports the PDF pages to be that size so they arent just normal a7 paper sized. However the GFapp will only upload the first page of a PDF. Sure you can convert every page manually to svgs but when you have a ton of pages that would start to add up.

The solution I found was to edit the pdf by switching which page was on top then uploading the pdf over and over again until every page was in. Adobe charges you for this feature but I found this free web app that works really well. https://www.pdfescape.com/open/
Heres my first attempt, its not perfect due to its small size my second one will be bigger.


That skull is really scary looking; would be great for Halloween, especially with some red LED eyes. :grin:


I wonder if a pdf splitter would be better?

You can split it in acrobat too but that may be only with the paid version, I’m not sure.

im sure you have to pay for it. Adobe doesnt let you do anything but view PDFs without paying. thats what led me down this path. Splitting may also work, I just prefer to keep them all as a single file. Thats just me though.

Oooh! Scary! +1 to the red eyes for Halloween decor. :grinning:

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Super cool. Would love to know what slicer you’re using, I have a very similar (sliced) project coming up.

yes, the paid adobe app (not the reader, but the actual acrobat app) will allow you to split the pages out.

look at the page sorter view, select all pages, right click and select “extract,” then choose “extract pages as separate files.” It will save out each page as its own PDF.

it works okay but it can be a bit temperamental.


Thanks kindly!