Tips and Tricks for using Watercolor on Wood

I wrote up an instructable on how to use watercolor on wood while demonstrating how I paint my art toys. Check it out here. If you’re more interested in the art toys, you can see more of them here.



Thank you very much for sharing this.

What?! Your DIY Designer Toys article on Instructables is fan-freakin’-tastic (and the toys are super groovy too)! Thank you!

I love this in too many ways to describe!


It was my pleasure. I’m an art teacher on summer break just waiting for my Glowforge so I can play.


Thanks so much! I’m hoping to sell them one day, but the ones in the Instructable cost me almost $100 to produce through Ponoko, so the sales price would likely be prohibitively expensive for the customer at that rate.


LOVE these designs!

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I see you have a 3D printer. You may be interested in my 3D printed art toys too. That instructable includes my print file.


You won’t believe how quickly you can produce your art with a Glowforge. I am amazed at what I can make in a matter of minutes.

It appears to me like all your art was “cut” and “scored” and not engraved. I’ve cut out objects in well under a minute. Engraving can take longer (depending on the detail). The grampadrew signs I cut and scored only took 3 about minutes each.

I can’t wait to see what you create once you have a Glowforge at your fingertips. Please share!


Your art toys are super fun! Thanks for sharing the article and the file! I love the shapes, colors, and details.

I tried a Tiko 3D printer, it didn’t work out too well for me. I couldn’t get it to print as well as some others. I’m saving my pennies for a different 3D printer. Your art is making me want to save more so I can get one sooner.

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Yes they’re completely vector designs. The vector lines help keep the watercolor inside the lines.


haha these are delightful! thanks for the smile.

Awwwww, super cute! Thanks for the instructions!

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So cool! Thanks for sharing these - it’s going to be amazing to see what you can do with your Glowforge.

I like em! Reminds me of The Fib.

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These are adorable!

Super Instructable! One of the best things about this forum is seeing all the great creativity and talent that this group posesses. Thank you for sharing.

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