Tips for large stamps?

Hey guys!! I have really been digging the whole rubber stamp making process over here but have hit a couple of snags with them when it comes to a larger size stamps. Any suggestions on making larger stamps that don’t have to be push down with the strength of the Hulk to get a good ink transfer?


Stand on it. (No, I’m not kidding.) :smile:


The key to getting good transfer on large stamps is to place the stamp face up, ink it up thoroughly, then place the paper on the stamp and rub on the back of the paper all over to get good transfer. This is an old papercrafter’s secret (of which I am one).

Oh, and I’m moving this to Everything Else since it discusses non Proofgrade.


Oh that’s a good idea!! Makes a lot of sense!! I’ll give that a shot!!

(lol Jules. :joy::joy: I’m at the point where that’s basically what I’ve resorted to)

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if you’re going to rub the paper, it’s probably good to have a good rolling brayer to do so. something along the lines of this.


a rocker stamp, I think, is the name for the curved stamps that you sort of half roll on instead of just pressing.
I’ve been thinking about making some of these for some stamps that always seem to need more pressure in the center.



And if they’re really big stamps, get a steam roller!
Seriously, recent art festival I vended at in Bremerton “Wayzgoose Kitsap” had 20+ artists each carve 3’x3’ blocks and they were printed on the street with steam rollers. Really fun event! (go to story 2 @ 1:38min on the video to see it)


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