Tips for raising up thick material to be cut all the way through w/o crumb tray?

I posted this in the wrong forum before.

I was cutting some thick foam so I had to take out the crumb tray but I had to raise it up to be in the correct cutting zone and I stupidly used some plywood. A scorch on the wood caught the foam on fire.

I’m going to need some replacement parts :frowning: but when I get back up and running, what do people use to raise material up to the correct height? I’m thinking some sort of thin metal top sheet raised up by plywood sheets would work.

I bet it wasn’t the plywood that caught you on fire, foam is really easy to ignite and doesn’t need much help.

That being said, put a layer of aluminum foil on top of your ply next time, problem solved.

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I believe it but I’m sure flare up from the wood isn’t helping anything. I’ll test the foil. I also need to do some experiments with multiple passes with a lower setting.

Yeah that multiple passes test will be good.

Generally go fast is also good for fire reduction.

If you haven’t seen it I made a post on my test method. If I were you I’d start with 400+ speed and two passes and back into the minimum power you need to get the cuts done.


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