Tips for Student User Accounts

Curious how schools manage user access. Do you create user accounts for each certified student user? I do not see how to create additional accounts without giving each user what is essentially admin status.

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I curious about this as well. I run the schools makerspace and not sure how I’m going to go about this problem.

Commenting so I can keep track of this, but I’ll share some other insight: When I have students use our X-Carve, I have them create designs on their computer and then share the design with me, and I log into the machine and run the job. I don’t have my Glowforge in house yet (it’s on a truck right now, as I understand), but I plan on giving them tutorials on CAD and Illustrator, and then they will give me final designs, and I’ll log into the Glowforge, setup the document and they can push the button. We’ll see how that works in actuality, but it’s my current plan.


That makes sense. That is similar to what I have done with our X-carve as well. Not sure why I didn’t think of doing the same with the glowforge. Thank you for the reminder!


Just in case anyone is still interested: we have been using our GF in the classroom for about 3 months now and I can say everything is running great. When students need a design cut, I have found that the easiest way for me to get the design is for them to email it to me, and I upload it to the machine. I also have 3 other teachers listed as users on our GF and they all do the same. Students send us the files and we setup the print. Typically, we let them hit the button though (it’s so satisfying!). I also wanted to mention that I usually have students send a PDF document of a vector design. This can be easily created in Word using the included Shapes and text, and then they don’t even need to learn a new program like Illustrator or CAD.