Tips on how to make the faceless portrait/procreate?

I am trying to make the popular faceless portrait… and I have it down on how to make it in procreate…but I would like to cut it maybe as an ornament. I have looked at youtube for any kind of tutorial but haven’t come up with anything… if anyone knows where else I may try or have any tips for me I would appreciate it!

Those are super popular in the FB laser groups, so I’d head to one of those. But I’m confused what what the issue is. Are you just trying to figure out how to cut the shape?

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For those of us who stay out of Facebook, what do you mean? Got an example pic?

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Maybe they are looking to make a silhouette?

Like this I believe.

@jordyntphipps If I understand you right, you want to add a cut (vector) line around your drawing. These links can get you started, but there’s a ton more info about how to add vector lines here in the forum.


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