Premium Software - Add a Cut Line around your Image 🤔

Say you want to add a Cut Line around a cool jpeg or png image that you found…it’s very simple in Premium.

1. Create a new File by clicking on Create > New file in the Dashboard.

2. Drag and drop your image file onto the bed…it will load the file and show the operations for it in the left column.

OMG! No cutting line! All you see listed is an Engrave in the lefthand column! :scream:

No worries! Select the drawing, then click the Create Outline button shown.

  1. Once you have created the outline (which will be a cut line) you can adjust the size to give it a wider margin around the drawing or make it fit in tight.

That’s it! Very easy to use. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can use the Create Outline feature in the Premium service to create a Cut line around any kind of raster or vector image, or both together, which is unusual in drawing software. Most have to treat the two types of files differently, and require additional steps.


OOOoooh, now you know all those mandala effects?

I wonder if you could use this same trick to create mandala layers?

Incidentally, recently had to do this in Inkscape and there’s not way to do it - because inkscape sees the graphic as rectangle, not a sea-horse. Have to hand draw it instead.

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Thanks for doing this @jules, I think a lot of folks don’t understand how useful the outline function is.


I use Gimp almost exclusively for that now. You can easily create or manipulate a mask as is normal and then save it as a path and export the path as an SVG.

I have it in tips in detail:


Generally trace bitmap and path booleans/offset. Should take almost no time. The ui automates this bit but has its own costs.

Some reason this wouldn’t work? If it doesn’t it means your image isn’t a good candidate for this and neither will the UI because they do the exact same thing in principle.

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You are correct on both counts, but it does depend on your input image.

The problem with trace bitmap is (a) it sometimes crashes, (b) creates a lot of segments which don’t always boolean together well.

Agreed though, hasty to see you can’t do it.

Never seen a) … windows or Mac? I’m on Windows and trace has never crashed. Now the post trace Boolean maybe… but never the trace.

As for b), if your source image isn’t clean and/or your sensitivity slider isn’t properly adjusted you can definitely get rogue bits of path. In cases where the image isn’t clean, I typically preprocess in gimp and then import it for trace.

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Very interesting, I will give it a try. Game changer. Thank You for the info Jules. You made my day.


Nice tutorial! Thanks.

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