Titanium buckle


I decided to take some of the titanium plate I was using for testing and make a belt buckle out of it. I took it over to a friends shop and spent some time milling out the basic buckle design.

That gave me a good buckle to start off with.

After that I did some etching with it in the Glowforge. I chose a nice spaceship cutaway view that I liked.

I’m interested to see how it holds up. I may also test some more to see if I can buff or bead blast it clean again and do another etching.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 13th, 2017

Looking good!


Love it! They need to make an episode of BBT where Howard gets a forge! Omg, @dan, have you tried reaching out to the show’s producers for a spot?! It would be perfect for them…


you could probably just use a flap wheel and smooth it out if you want to etch it again.


it should definitely be removable; the color coating is just mix of titanium oxides on the surface. i do wonder how much effort it would require, though.


Nice! And lucky you to have access to such a fine shop.


If I had a WAZER and a GLOWFORGE I defenitly will do many of this :smiley:, Too bad I do not buy the wazer and I still do not get the glowfore, but seeing these kind of ideas really excites me :squee:


The operating costs of the wazer kept me back on it…I could have lived with the slow speed,but the amount of cutting media required is just a bit too much…


Can’t wait to see how well this holds up over a few months of use.


Wow that is just stunning and amazing and omg I need one!

Titanium + Glowforge = BIG freaking win!


Later on, I’m going to search for this project. I’m going to type “belt buckle millennial falcon” in the search bar.
Since nobody identified your spaceship of choice, I wouldn’t find it, except now the keyword is here in the discussion.
It looks fantastic.
I don’t know that I’ll copy your theme; but I’m going to want to reference it. Because it’s great.


The TV shows that have forges (there are already a few) all found us and paid for theirs.

At least one plans to use it on-air next season.


It’s going to be on Game of Thrones, isn’t it?! Dragons vs frostbitten zombies vs lasers vs political intrigue.



It’s bigger than I thought it would be.


Reminds me of the episode where Howard and Raj bought a 3d printer so they could make action figures of themselves…

Bernadette: $3,000 for a couple of rulers, are you out of your mind?
Howard: Not just for a couple of rulers… for as many rulers as we want!


Wouldn’t it be great if GF could beat FormLabs in the background product placement game! Those guys are everywhere.