Title Pride


Having never been involved with a startup, I was reluctant to get involved. Prior to learning of the glowforge if you had told me I was going to throw $2,000 at a stranger and talk myself into letting them keep it for the better part of two years - I would have assured you that was not going to happen. Well, here I am, and happy about it!

Had a file in the works when the HDD went sideways to express how I felt. I had worked (learning design software) on it for days. Fortunately some early drafts had been uploaded, and I could still cobble together pieces that I had to load separately and align in the UI. Learned a thing or two there also.

Anyway, The ‘Founder’ title I felt is a tribute to the uncharacteristic patience it took for me to secure it. The first print of the ruler was really cool with the title engraved on it, but didn’t quite carry the pride of sticking it out - and being richly rewarded for doing so. I fixed that.

I had planned on embellishing the top and bottom with some 3D engraving, and the background behind the figure with scenery stretching into the distance. Well HDD didn’t cooperate, and I have these really sweet LED bases, so yeah.
The edge lit effect is subdued in the light of day - unless you back it with a piece of black acrylic!

So I am compelled to thank the company for holding my money all this time, protecting me from an inferior product by the delays and rewarding me with an experience that previously I could only fantasize about.
Founder! :sunglasses:

Glowforge Logo on PVC
Aloha! Welcome Home Kilaueaforge!

What a gorgeous design! :grinning:


Coolio man! Look how much fun you get to have now that you stuck it out!


Wow, very nice! I never get tired of edge lit acrylic.


This.is.gorgeous! One edge lit I made is also improved with a black background. For now, I’m using black card stock, but black acrylic is on my to-do list and I have a piece in stock.


Could you back it with black acrylic paint? Or is the engraving on the back?


Thanks everyone!
@jason.fuller0 actually I can! I hadn’t flipped the design to do it from the back so it is engraved on the front. Good idea.


That’s really nice.

Sorry about your HDD going sideways :roll_eyes:


Thank you. Life on Earth my friend. That’s why we put that little piece of rubber on the end of a pencil. :anguished:
My own fault for not securing my files with a backup.


Oh speaking of which…I’d better do a quick backup here…lot of files in the last couple of months.


She chose wisely. :wink:


It’s running now…5288 files to copy. (I must have re-organized somewhere in the last 6 months.)


Wow! Excellent!


Dropbox is my friend – all e-Nable & GF files automagically backed up and available from any device. :wink:


Dropbox and I don’t get along. (That whole cloud thing don’t you know…ROFL!)


I installed a personal cloud at home. 8TB of storage (4 usable because I have it mirrored in case one of the drives takes a hit). I can even get to it from outside the house too so I get the benefit of Dropbox or OneDrive without the recurring cost :slight_smile:

They’re plug & play and you can get them from various drive makers.


This is awesome! You are clearly not giving away your shot. :wink:


:wink: Thanks! My Son called and asked if I had listened to any of the songs in ‘Hamilton’. Musicals were never my thing, but on his recommendation I You Tubed it and sat there and listened to the first one - and proceeded to listen to all 47 songs. It was great!

Did you happen to see the show?


I have a home cloud through an old Pogoplug, but really need to update it.


Mine’s a Western Digital My Cloud. I think it was about $300 for 8TB (2 4TB drives). I mirrored mine so it’s 4 usable. Barring a fire my stuff is safe and I can get at it from everywhere on any device.

The WD is a decent balance between performance and ease of setup/use. But it’s probably worth a Google to see if there’s newer better stuff out there.