Tlingit-style puzzle panel

I had a fun making this Tlingit -inspired tray puzzle. The design is adapted from (okay–stolen!) a panel carving by Scott Jensen and cut from Thick Basswood PG plywood (one of the stands is from Walnut PG. Some of the parts are then hand painted on one side with acrylic for the color breaks.

I truly love how the GF makes this all so easy and gives perfect results!! The thinest, tiniest parts are cut so accurately it’s scary. With the high contrast blacks in the image, the burned edges of the wood actually look like they belong and enhance the design (for once).

And for once kerf is your friend! It makes for a nice fitting jigsaw puzzle. The assembled puzzle displays nicely on the stand and the puzzle-mess is a nice secret feature.

Sorry, I don’t think I should share this exact design (I don’t own the original artwork) but feel free to use the idea. (and I’ll share another fun puzzle concept here soon).

Bob K


Colorful and unconventional, I love it!


Definitely a break away from the ordinary!