To add to the Proofgrade list😊

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I’m all for anything that can replace leather. Unfortunately this still has to be tanned like regular leather (so it’s not better for the environment) and requires more energy to produce (hopefully they can scale it, but currently it produces more waste and more CO2 than raising cattle). I like the animal ethics part a lot though.

That was my big thing – being vegan, leather from animals is right out…


That’s great. My big thing is that this produces a LOT more carbon emissions than just raising cattle (which already produces way too much carbon emissions). I’d love to see this replace cattle (along with lab grown meat protein) but the current energy cost tells me it won’t (until it becomes a lot cheaper and uses <2x energy per kilogram to produce). It’s a great technology demo and I hope it gets enough investment to mature into something that has a positive impact. I’m hoping it becomes technologically mature enough to begin to be disruptive in the next 5-10 years.

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