Toast Tongs



I’ve only been wanting to do this for six months or so, but it became urgent when we replaced our toaster oven. Hook on the end for pulling out the tray stolen from @Jules much prettier design. Living hinge (sorta works) so that you can open the tongs up for a thicker piece of toast. Made in thick draftboard, will be replaced with thick pg ply when it fails. Drawn in inkscape using the living hinge extension (conveniently, you can make a nonce rectangle to put your hinge cuts on, and then ungroup so that you can pick up the cuts alone to put on something that isn’t a rectangle) Engraved circle is for a 10mm magnet and needed multiple passes. Don’t remove from bed till you get the depth right.

svg: (1.7 KB)


Oh, I don’t know, I like the addition of the tongs…that strikes me as being imminently practical! :grinning:


Nice! Thank you for the share!


This is brilliant. I upgraded my toaster a few months ago and I constantly burn myself on the new one because it doesn’t have an easy way to slide out the tray when it’s hot.


Cool! Works for a big oven too!


After using this for a while, I’ve decided that the next version will have a sawtooth area on the inside of the tongs for better grip. But the first one hasn’t broken yet…