Today is April 6


Continuing the discussion from Book Binding Question:

I am no longer away and am able to respond to email. There is no need to be patient - I will pay attention to you now!

warm blushes of shame,

Humbled: A Farewell to Arms

But, But I really needed one more fix of enjoyment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome back. You received a lot of likes while you were away.


[just kidding]


uh, yeah, “thanks” I think - it’s a bit odd that I’m a lot more liked when I’m away and/or acting like a robot. but, hey, I’ll take the love where I can find it. :unamused:


You know the old saying, "Absence makes the Heart grow fonder."
In the case of some here, I think we will just have to wonder about them. :grinning:


I’m going to miss using “@cynzu” and getting a guaranteed response. The automatic likes were a bit concerning :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back! Hope you had a good vacation.


This is a great product idea for lonely people, or people too lazy (or who don’t really want to) make friends in “real life”. Someone out there has probably already done this, but it would be cool to have a site where you could sign up for a bot-friend. When you send the bot an email, you’re guaranteed a response which includes something nice about you. Hm… I wonder how much I could charge for the service?


I didn’t quite catch that, could you please…

Oh, darn, we’re out of quarters; game over :smile:

Welcome Back!!


Just think, maybe we could buy early stock in Facebot or Botbook.


wow. I never realized just how much people crave my attention. Especially when I’m not really there to attend. how very zen


You were popular before… but you are REALLY popular now. Glad you are back. :grin:


I think everyone knows your name and avatar really well now!

It was some good unexpected fun :upside_down:


There are a few bots that can pass a turning test. A few tweaks and a good FB page and I’m sure this could be profitable .

“Build a friend”? A startup that will make a bot that will read your FB and Twitter constantly, and occasionally write you or like on FB. It can be like that FB friend we all have that we knew 10 years ago sort of and never unfriended, and promise ourselves that we should grab a beer sometime…


Someone with better Google-fu than I might be able to find one of these that already exists - maybe it was one of those clickbait websites - but it’s a “texting friend” who will text you throughout the day and will respond to texts you send. Was a virtual boyfriend or girlfriend.


The Calvin & Hobbes cartoon where Calvin built all the snowmen prostrate, worshiping him.

Come to think of it you’d probably make more money than all the tech billionaires combined if you could do that (a worshipful army of bots, not snowmen.)


And that you were away on a meditation retreat. That’s hard core. Obvious that you need to officially disconnect if you are so connected otherwise. You are a trooper and valuable member of the community. Thanks for rolling with it. :smile_cat:


I have a Tai Chi retreat & training conference this summer and no way am I going to be disconnected :smile:


:blush: awww, shucks, that’s really sweet of you to say. thanks.

There was a young man at the (mindfulness/vipasana) retreat who had only recently started to meditate, and it was his first retreat - a five day retreat. Five Days. Brave young man. I love retreat, but while there I swing between thinking “this is exhausting - why would I do this to myself?!” to “this is great - when can I sign up for the next one?”


It seems your experiment to artificially affect forum stats was a complete success! :slight_smile: